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Why Do You Need to Use Surge Protectors?

Why Do You Need to Use Surge Protectors?

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why do you need to use surge protectors St louis, MO

Any time you plug an electronic device directly into an outlet, it’s vulnerable to serious damage. Using a surge protector will protect your gadgets against power surges, outages, lightning strikes and grid malfunctions. Good news is, they’re an inexpensive and easy way to safeguard your home and your electronic devices. In addition to short-term benefits, they have long-term benefits, too, extending the lifespan of your devices.

In a nutshell, a surge protector is an appliance designed to give protection to your devices against spikes in voltage.

You may wonder if a surge protector is the same as a power strip? The answer is no. While they look similar, surge protector are safer and have more benefits that standard power strips, which simply give you extra outlet space. A surge protector protects against actual voltage spikes. To ensure you buy the right thing, look for a joules rating. A simple power strip will not have this listed.

Remember, it’s important have an adequate amount of surge protection in St. Charles MO!

How Surge Protectors Work

Your devices require a steady stream of electricity, but your sockets can’t always guarantee this. A surge protector will ensure your electronic devices don’t fall victim to voltage inconsistencies. It does this by rerouting unsafe energy, ensuring only a normal amount of electricity passes through the device.

The standard voltage in the USA is 120 volts. In the event the voltage goes higher than that, the surge protector springs into action, sending the voltage to a grounding wire.

Do You Need a Surge Protector?

This will depend on the kinds of devices you need to plug in. You don’t need one for a desk side lamp because the most that could happen from a power surge is a burnt-out lightbulb. However, you will want one if you have a laptop, as a power surge could spell disaster for that device, wiping out the data and frying the system. It’s a good idea to use a surge protector with all your high-end electronic devices and game consoles.

If you don’t, the result isn’t always an obvious and cataclysmic event. You may simply notice a slow decline in the operation of your devices.

Where to Find Surge Protectors

Surge protectors may take the form of single-outlet protectors, power strips, and travel-size devices. You’ll find them online, at retail stores, and at electronics stores.

You can also opt for a more permanent and far-reaching solution, and that involves hiring a professional electrician to install whole-house suppressors. These are hard-wired to the service panel, and should take a licensed electrician about two to three hours to complete. We recommend not relying on power strips to protect your property. Instead, a whole-house suppressor is a safer, more reliable solution to surge protection.


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