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Commercial Corridor Lighting Design: The Basics

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Commercial Corridor Lighting Design: The Basics-st-louis-mo

Proper lighting is an ideal way to enhance the office work environment. As such, your comprehensive lighting plan must be able to illuminate commercial spaces, and that includes corridors. Well-lit corridors are important for client and employee safety as well as aesthetics.

Whether your corridors are small or large, extensive or simple, narrow or wide, proper commercial illumination is key in complementing the décor and ensuring safe navigation. Lighting should also feel comfortable and welcoming without being too harsh or abrasive.

Here’s a look at some basics of commercial corridor lighting design. Be sure to partner with a licensed electrician in Ballwin MO for this type of project.

Hotel Corridors

Hotels have inner corridors, unlike motels that have outer ones. They are very long, with rooms on both sides and a bank of elevators in the middle. By their very nature, hotel corridors lack sufficient natural lighting. That’s why as a hotel manager, you should consider adding more light sources to ensure easy and safe navigation from your lobby to your hotel rooms.

Hotel corridors also have lower ceilings due to the presence of air conditioning ducts, electrical conduits, plumbing pipes, and drainage pipes – yet another reason to add lighting on the ceilings.

In addition, hotel corridors should also include emergency and evacuation lights.

Office Corridors

A strong office corridor lighting plan should account for the following:

  • Sufficient illumination for circadian rhythms
  • Morning light exposure
  • Ideal placement for productivity and concentration
  • Use of constant spectrum lighting levels for less agitation

In a nutshell, because your employees will be working in your office all day long and sometimes at night as well, you need to ensure your lighting isn’t too harsh as to cause eye strain and headaches. However, it should be sufficient enough for safety and productivity.

Hospital Corridors

In many healthcare facilities, you will often see the use of skylights, electric lights, and daylight to provide sufficient illumination. Having lots of sunlight streaming through brightens the space naturally, and makes patients and visitors feel less clinical and isolated.

Of course, you need sources of artificial lighting as well, which should be able to regulate the circadian rhythm and maximize light efficiency.

What Else You Should Know About Commercial Corridor Lighting Design

The type of industry you’re in will dictate what kind of corridor lighting designs and requirements you will need. A small doctor’s office won’t have the same needs as a large warehouse. Just remember that most corridors lack a natural lighting source and this will have to be compensated for by artificial lighting.

Any business that needs to install corridor lighting should always contract with a trusted electrician in St. Louis to ensure proper and safe installation that meets local codes.

Commercial Electrician in O’Fallon MO

For a free quote and consultation on corridor lighting installation in O’Fallon, contact us today at 636-294-8562. Our St Charles & Warrenton MO electricians are skilled in all aspects of commercial lighting and can help you come up with a design that meets your needs.

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