3 Upgrades For Smart Home Technology

3 Upgrades For Smart Home Technology O'fallon, MO

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

3 Upgrades For Smart Home Technology O'Fallon, MO

With today’s smart home technologies, it’s easier than ever to sync our homes and families for convenience and comfort. But many older homes weren’t built with electrical systems designed to be compatible with these smart technologies. You may have basic connectivity and outdated wiring that will impact just how smart your home can actually be.

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to make your electrical system more compatible with smart home technology.

1. Upgrade Your Wiring

Older homes can accommodate basic electronics, but they often don’t have the capacity to support the smart technologies of today. When you upgrade your wiring, you get features such as whole-home automation for more convenience and energy efficiency.

Plus, newer wiring can resist electrical surges better, which protects and preserves your electronics. The goal is to extend the lifespan of your appliances while using less electricity to increase convenience, safety and comfort.

But these upgrades aren’t a DIY job. Rather, you need to hire a Hazelwood electrician to ensure a safe and effective result.

2. Add Solar Panels and Inverters

Solar panels are no doubt getting more and more popular, as more homeowners are embracing lower energy bills by way of renewable energy to power their houses. That said, most standard electrical systems weren’t made to work in conjunction with solar panels. When you add inverters to your system, you can use the electricity generated by the panels to power your home, which lowers your reliance on the grid.

3. Install Smart Devices

There are many smart devices on the market that can enhance the everyday technology in your home. From thermostats to appliances, there are a number of ways you can make your home smarter. But beyond those obvious examples, you can also upgrade your light switches, wall outlets, smoke alarms, and sprinkler controls.

Some upgrades you can make to accommodate smart home technology include:

  • Light switch upgrade to wi-fi-enabled switches, which can be controlled via iOS, Google Home, Android, or Alexa.
  • App-controlled or Bluetooth-controlled smart lock installation
  • Indoor security camera installation
  • Wi-fi-programmable thermostat installation

In addition to these, you will have to make some updates to the existing electrical system so as to accommodate your safety and your electrical load.

Getting the most out of your smart technology investment is made possible with the help of a St. Charles residential electrical contractor.

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