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6 Home Projects That Require an Electrician

6 Home Projects That Require an Electrician

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

6 Home Projects That Require an Electrician st-louis-mo

Making electrical changes is not quite as easy as other home improvement projects, like putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls or replacing bathroom fixtures. First off, due to safety issues, anytime you’re dealing with electricity, you should call an electrician in O’Fallon MOto do it. This will ensure your home’s electrical work is up to code and done properly.

Check out this guide of home projects that shouldn’t be attempted as a DIY job. Always call a St. Louis electrician for these.

1 New Electrical Outlets or Switches

You may think it’s no big deal to replacing pre-existing outlets or switches yourself, but while this may be OK for outlets that are undamaged or burnt, you should always call an electrician to install brand new outlets. They will have to run additional wire behind the walls, which is dangerous if you don’t have the proper know-how or equipment.

2 Wiring Replacement

Anytime you need to replace faulty, frayed, damaged or burned wiring, call an electrical contractor to avoid the risk of shock or fire. If your home is very old or you notice frayed wires, it’s time to replace your wiring, but this isn’t a DIY situation.

3 Recessed Lights Installation

Recessed lights are built directly into the ceiling and involve a lot of wiring work. If you have recessed lights already, you may be able to replace them on your own. But if you wish to install new recessed lights, call a pro. You can’t risk a fire. In fact, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi), there are 51,000 home electrical fires each year in this country

4 Broken Circuit Breaker Repair

The circuit breaker is the hub of your electrical system. Call a pro when you need to repair or replace your breaker. If you break just one part, this can cause another problem elsewhere in the system that could go unnoticed.

5 Outdoor Lighting Installation

Hire a qualified electrician to do this so you don’t risk overloading your circuit breaker. A St. Louis electrician will make sure your system is properly waterproofed and well-protected from the elements, resulting in convenient, safe exterior lighting throughout the year.

6 Detached Garage Power

If you have decided to run power to your detached garage, this is definitely a job for an electrician. There are many intricate steps involved in this process, including connecting the wires, digging a trench, and calling a utility-locating service such as Missouri One Call System.

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If you need help with any of the above electrical jobs and more, contact us today at 636-294-8562. Our O’Fallon MO electricians are well-versed in all residential and commercial electrical work to keep you safe.

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