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Retail Lighting Tips For Shops

Retail Lighting Tips For Shops

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If you are a business owner and run a boutique or other shop, you may be curious about the best retail lighting installation options to illuminate your space.

Here are some tips that will add value to your space and increase customer retention. Good news is, our commercial electrician in St. Charles MO can install any lighting type or configuration you want, and advise you on the best direction as well.

Capture Attention With Window Displays

As you know, your window display is very important in attracting attention from passersby. The best way to capture attention is to add bright, bold lighting or contrast lighting to showcase your offerings. You can even try dynamic lighting, which involves the placement of lights at different levels and angles to spotlight key products.

Try Layering

Layering offers a dynamic and impressive view of your shop. Use this approach to combine ambient lighting and accent lighting for a dramatic effect. Make sure your ambient lighting is low so your accent lighting will be even more noticeable.

Illuminate Key Areas

Focus light on key areas when lighting up your shop. Basically, you want to highlight the items you want your customers to be looking at, such as a new product or something on sale.

Install Shelf Lighting

Lighting is a great way to highlight products on shelves. LED lighting is the best choice, as the bright white lights draw the eye.

Illuminate the Changing Rooms

This is a big area where lighting truly matters. You want your customers to see themselves in the best light possible when trying on clothes so they decide to buy them. Flattering, soft lighting is the name of the game here. Install lighting at the sides of your mirrors to prevent shadows. If lights are placed directly above, this can create unflattering shadows. Use warm lights in your changing rooms and not harsh fluorescent ones.

If you’re still unsure how to adequately illuminate your shop space, consult with an electrician in O’Fallon MO. They will walk through the space and provide ideas for the most flattering placement of all kinds of lights, from overhead to accent.

Commercial Lighting & Electrical O’Fallon

The electricians at Braco Electrical are the perfect ones for the job. We offer commercial lighting services for shop owners and all other business owners. We can make your business look good! Just contact us at 636-294-8562, and our licensed electricians in St. Louis MO will help you out.

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