24/7 Emergency Electrical Service: When You Need It

When Should You Call An Electrician For An Emergency?

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24/7 Emergency Electrical Service: When You Need It-st-louis-mo

Most electricians offer emergency services, just like with any other service provider such as a roofer or plumber. It’s pretty safe to say that not all electrical emergencies wait to happen during 9 to 5. That’s why it’s helpful to rely on an electrical contractor in O’Fallon MO serving St Charles & St louis like Braco who can visit your home or office at a moment’s notice.

This is especially important with electricity, which can pose a serious safety problem when not addressed immediately. So what actually qualifies as an electrical service emergency?

You Should Call an Emergency Electrician If ...

  • See Smoke Coming Out of an Outlet: The presence of smoke indicates a fire has happened somewhere in your electrical system. First switch off the power, call 911, and then reach out to our team.
  • You Smell Burning Wires: Are you noticing a burning metallic or plastic smell? Burning wires could be to blame. This could spell a pending electrical fire due to the wires overheating. This is usually because of a poor connection or faulty wire. Switch off the power and then call us.
  • You Hear Humming Coming From the Breaker Box: Ideally, your circuit breaker should automatically turn off the power if it senses a surge. This is to prevent damage to your electrical system or any of your appliances. However, sometimes it can’t do this. You may hear a buzzing or humming coming from the breaker box. In this case, it could be trying to trip but can’t for some reason. This is a failure of your electrical safety system and needs to be looked at right away.
  • You’ve Lose Power: Not sure why you have no power? If there wasn’t a storm and your neighbors all have lights, call your electric company to troubleshoot answers. Maybe you didn’t pay your bill. Call us if no one has answers for you.
  • Notice an Electrical Fire Occurred: If this happens, call 911 first. After emergency responders have quelled the fire, then call us. Our licensed electricians in St. Charles MO will conduct a comprehensive electrical assessment to get to the root of the fire and then fix the problem.

Most other situations can wait till regular business hours. That being said, don’t hesitate to call an electrician if you aren’t sure if your situation is an emergency. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

For Electrical Emergencies in St Charles & O’Fallon, MO

You can call our emergency electrical service from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. if an electrical problem threatens your business. Our electrical teams and contractors can get you back up and running quickly. We offer services to office, retail, manufacturing and industrial clients, and can put you in touch with carpenters, plumbers, roofers and finishers. For emergency services, contact us at 636-294-8562.

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