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Common Electrical Problems to Avoid This Winter

Avoid Electrical Problems

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Common Electrical Problems to Avoid This Winter-st-louis-mo

When the temperatures plunge, our reliance on our electrical systems and appliances increases significantly so that we can stay warm and cozy through those long winter nights. Adding to your electric bill are your heating systems, electric blankets, space heaters, generators, and even Christmas lights. These all place a large demand on appliances, which in turn can cause an increase in electrical problems for your household.

Here are some tips on avoiding the most common electrical problems this winter.

Avoid Overloaded Electrical Systems

Do your lights flicker on and off when you turn on an appliance? Does your circuit breaker keep tripping? These are signs that your electrical system in St. Louis MO is overworked and can no longer keep up with your household’s energy demands. Here’s what you can do:

  • Reduce power consumption: With multiple aging appliances in your house, you may want to upgrade to more energy-efficient models. That’s because older dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, AC units, and furnaces tend to strain your electrical system and boost your energy bill. Reduce how much you use those appliances or replace them all.
  • Upgrade the electrical system: Got an older home? It may not be wired properly to keep up with modern usage. You may want to hire an electrician in Ballwin MO to perform an electrical panel upgrade, which will increase the amperage that comes into the home via the service panel. This will provide more adequate energy for your home, plus it will keep overloaded wires from starting fires.

Avoid the Risk of Electrical Fires

All those electric blankets, space heaters, and Christmas lights you use every winter without fail will get outdated and worn over time. Fraying cords put you at risk for both shock and house fires. In addition, outdated devices are not compatible with modern homes and can strain your entire electrical system. It’s a good idea to replace these devices every five years or so for safety.

Be Ready For Power Outages

Winter storms often lead to power outages. If your home is unprotected or under-protected, it’s more at risk for power loss. A trusted electrical company in St. Louis can visit your home and help you avoid preventable power losses. They can even install a backup generator for those unavoidable power outages.

Combat Static Electricity

Static electricity is common in the winter due to all that dry air from the heating system. To prevent yourself and other family members from getting zapped as you walk around on your carpet, run a humidifier to add moisture to the air and reduce the risk of static shocks.

Work With a Qualified Electrician in St. Charles MO

If electrical issues are plaguing your home this winter, call a professional electrician to inspect your home, make sure it’s safe, and determine if your current electrical system still meets your needs.

Highly Qualified Electrician in O’Fallon, MO

For a professional experienced electrician, look no further than our electricians in O’Fallon MO serving St Charles & St Louis areas. Just contact us at 636-294-8562 to schedule a winter safety electrical inspection.

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