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Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

5 Signs You Need an Electric Panel Upgrade

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5 Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade St louis, MO

Today’s high-energy needs are no match for those of decades ago. Particularly if you have an older home, it will be inevitable at some point or another that you will need an electrical panel upgrade to bring things up to code and to properly and safely power your home.

First off, you will need to hire a residential electrician in St. Louis MO that you trust, as working with electricity should never be a DIY project for any homeowner.

Check out these five signs that you may need an electrical panel upgrade.

1. You Have an Older Home

This is one of the most common reasons homeowners need an upgrade to their electrical panel. The homes of yesteryear were not built to handle the appliance, heating, lighting and other energy demands of today’s modern homes. There was a time when a single 60-amp electrical panel would suffice. Not so today. Now, you need at least a 100- or 200-amp version to keep up with the modern workload.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your appliances failing to perform at their best?
  • Do your lights flicker often?
  • Do you have a defective panel that won’t shut off during overload?
  • Are the breakers tripped when you use multiple appliances at once?
  • Does your panel appear to be melted or corroded?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need an upgrade.

2. You Use a Lot of Extension Cords

Extension cords are used quite commonly in most homes, but if you’re constantly relying on multiple cords to function, you’ll need to think about upgrading your panel. Extension cords aren’t as safe as you think. In fact, you should only be using them for brief periods of time, such as during the holidays for exterior lights, or special events. Relying heavily on them day after day is not wise.

Not only are they a tripping hazard, they can short out, or get kinked and pinched, resulting in tripped breakers, damaged outlets and fires.

3. You Have Fuses Rather Than Circuit Breakers

Homes built before the 1970s typically feature fuse-based electrical systems, which are outdated. Unlike circuit breakers, they won’t trip when overloaded; rather, they will blow, melt or short-circuit.

4. Your Breakers Trip Frequently

Are you using circuit breakers instead of fuses? Keep in mind they are supposed to trip when there are inconsistencies detected in the electricity flow. This keeps your system from overheating and leading to fire. Yes, tripping is a safety feature but frequent tripping means the electrical draw you require is overloading your electrical panel.

5. You’re Renovating Your Home and Adding Appliances

Anytime you upgrade, remodel or renovate your home, adding bigger and better appliances, this is a sure sign to replace your electrical panel so you have the necessary power for your home’s proper operation.

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