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What Are Some Electrical Issues Caused by Storms?

Storms Wreek Havoc On Electrical Systems

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What Are Some Electrical Issues Caused by Storms? ST Louis, MO

Living in St. Louis, we’re no strangers to strong storms that can roll through the region on a moment’s notice. Such storms can leave a lot of damage in their wake, leaving you without power and damaging your home or business’ electrical system. It’s important to be prepared for these hazards so as to reduce inconvenience and prevent property damage or electrical fires.

You need a trusted O’Fallon MO electrician behind you to address any electrical issues that may come up during or after a severe storm.

Here are some of the most common electrical issues caused by storms. Understanding these issues can help you prepare for the next time.

Downed Trees, Loss of Power, High Winds

Rainstorms cause the ground around your home to become saturated with water, making it softer and less stable. When paired with high winds, all that water can make trees topple over, often catching on power lines on the way down. It’s a good idea to have a backup power source such as a generator that can power essential appliances in case of outage.

While a portable generator is enough to power a couple of items, such as a stove or washing machine, a whole-house generator is better because it powers, well, the whole house.

Lightning Strikes and Power Surges

Lightning strikes bring explosive surges that can damage every electronic device that is connected to your electrical wiring. It can even blow out your whole electrical system. Take the proper precautions now to ensure the protection of your home or business. Products like lightning arresters can help guard against damage by detouring the electricity away from the building and to safe ground instead.

Excessive Water and Electrical Shorts

During heavy rain storms, water can leak into your home, come into contact with your wiring and cause the power to short circuit. Not only can a short circuit cut power to one or several rooms, it can pose a fire hazard. Before a storm, make sure your home does not have any compromising areas where leaks can occur. Call an electrician in O’Fallon if you experience a short circuit during a storm.

Electrical Preparation and Repair

When electrical damage from a storm has affected your home or business, it’s important to call a St. Louis electrician right away to fix the immediate situation and make repairs that will safeguard your home against future storms. You should also prep your home for surges and storms so that your electrical system remains protected.

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