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Best Under-Cabinet Lighting For Your Kitchen

Choosing the Best Under-Cabinet Lighting For Your Kitchen

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

Choosing the Best Under-Cabinet Lighting For Your Kitchen O'Fallon, MO

Cabinets are great for storage but they do tend to block light. It’s hard to prep food on countertops that are dim and poorly lit. That’s why so many homeowners opt to install under-cabinet lighting. You’ll need to hire a licensed electrician in O’Fallon MO for the job, depending on the type you want, but there’s no doubt you will love the results.

Check out the most common types of under-cabinet lighting and where best to use them.

1. Battery-Powered Under-Cabinet Lights

If you want a lighting solution that you can install pretty much anywhere, battery-powered under-cabinet lighting is the way to go. Because they run on batteries, the lights will work even in the event of a power outage. The downside is, you will have to worry about possible faulty batteries and their replacements, which can be a hassle when you use them a lot and thus burn through a lot of batteries. Plus, batteries aren’t exactly cheap!

2. Hardwired LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

With the assistance of a trusted St. Louis electrical contractor, you can forget about the hassles associated with batteries and install hardwired LED lighting. Your electrician will hard wire the lighting so it connects to a switch. This is easily controlled by anyone in the home when they need extra light. If you don’t like a lot of unsightly wires, this is a great option because the wires are hidden behind the wall. You get a seamless look that’s just as convenient as it is neat looking.

3. Plugin Under-Cabinet Lighting

If you want something that falls in between battery-powered and hardwired under-cabinet lighting, try plugin lighting. These lights are powered with an existing outlet inside your kitchen. You will get more wire exposure than the hardwired option, but it’s a more reliable and lower maintenance choice than battery-powered lighting. As long as you have an existing socket near the space you want to light up, plugin under-cabinet lighting could be the right fit for you.

What’s the Best Solution For You?

This will depend on your needs and budget. The highest quality, longest lasting solution that looks the neatest is hardwired under-cabinet lighting. Who wants to worry about wires sticking out or having to replace batteries every few weeks? Yes, battery and plugin cabinet lighting options are quick and relatively inexpensive, but hardwired is the best choice in terms of longevity, reliability and seamless appearance.

Install Kitchen Lighting O’Fallon, MO

If you have been meaning to add some under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen or other room, rely on our electricians in O’Fallon MO and St Charles for the job. Please contact us at 636-294-8562 today to set up an appointment and get a free quote.

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