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Your Doorbell Isn't Working: What Gives?

Why Your Doorbell Stopped Working

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If your doorbell is on the fritz, you need to get it repaired by a qualified electrician in O’Fallon MO. Whether you hear a crackling sound when the doorbell is pushed or it makes no sound at all, you need a fully operational doorbell for safety and convenience reasons. After all, how will you know your Door Dash delivery has arrived?

There are many common causes of doorbell issues.

Faulty Button

Most doorbell electrical failures originate with a faulty button at your front door. Always hire a St. Louis electrician to troubleshoot doorbell issues because they do involve live wires. But troubleshooting this issue will involve removing the button and checking the two wires in the back which should come together when someone presses the button. If a wire is frayed, out of place or a component is broken, this is the problem.

Touching the two wires together to listen for the ring is another option. If it does ring, the problem isn’t the wiring, it’s just the button. You can easily purchase a new one at the store.

Bell Unit

If that doesn’t do the trick, check the bell unit or chime housing. See if there is something loose that is not securely in place. Check for corroded, worn, or damaged wiring or components. An electrician in St. Charles can use a low-voltage tester to test the electrical connection.

Connect them at both the common terminal and one of the doorbell terminals, then have a friend press the front door button. If it illuminates but doesn’t make a sound, the bell unit is the culprit. You can try cleaning the unit to see if that helps; otherwise, you will need a full replacement.

Doorbell Transformer

Next up is to try the transformer. Keep in mind, you are switching from low-voltage systems of a simple doorbell to higher voltages of your general home electrical system. While you could test the transformer with a low-voltage tester using the screw terminals, it’s best to call an electrician.


Check the wires that run from your doorbell to the bell unit, as well as from the doorbell system to the transformer. Even the slightest problem can disrupt the system enough to keep your doorbell from ringing.

Electrical Repairs, St Chalres & O'fallon, MO

If all of these efforts fail, it’s time to call Braco Electrical. We have lots of experience with doorbell systems and can easily troubleshoot and fix your problem. Make an appointment with one of our certified and trained electricians in St. Charles MO. contact us today at 636-294-8562.

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